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Video Commercials

Video Commercials

If you aren’t using video to market your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

A recent survey found that 86% of people would like to see a video instead of just text and pictures.

And even more impressive, businesses that incorporate video into their advertising have been experiencing a 34% increase in conversions.

We specialize in creating stunning while yet affordable videos.  We work with several different styles, including standard videos, videos starring a human spokesperson, animated videos, doodle videos, and more. 

Videos have been proven to be superior to text and image ads
A professional video allows you to stand out from your competition
Having your very own video commercial is much more affordable than you may think
We specialize in a wide variety of video commercials

Check Out Our Demos

interactive video

personalized video

Animated 1

Animated 2

general video

Cartoon Spokesperson 1

Cartoon Spokesperson 2

Cartoon Spokesperson 3

Spokesperson 1

Spokesperson 2

Video For A Gym



Video Products We Offer

interactive video commercials

Interactive Video Commercials

personalized video commercials

Personalized Video Commercials

animated commercials

Animated Commercials

chatterpal commercials

Chatterpal Commercials

doodle video commercials

Doodle Video Commercials

general video commercials

General Video Commercials

text video commercials

Text Video Commercials

360 degree videos

360 Degree Videos


“As my brand manager she has exceeded my expectations for my brand! From building my website from scratch to finding my own merchandise directly from China. She truly is all things media and for that #illdrink2that!”


CEO / Owner

BG Promotions and its owner are of excellent character. Everything from the communication to the dedication is absolutely top tier. This brand is simply amazing!


CEO / Owner

Ms. McCoy is a very motivated, dedicated, and caring person. She is quick to provide assistance when needed, helps anyone in need and is a great mentor that I have so much respect for!


CEO / Owner

Felicia "BG" McCoy is creatively amazing. I have several businesses that I entrust Felicia to manage the marketing and she always exceeds my expectation. My sales have increased and my social media presence is growing.


CEO / Owner

I have known Felecia for over 20 years and she’s one of the hardest working people I know. She has a true passion for helping people brand and market their business. She’s a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Promotions and Marketing Guru!!!


CEO / Owner

Just officially meeting you for the first time a few months ago but I knew your name. It was an instant connection and vibe! Our one day interaction has caused a lifetime work and personal relationship.


CEO / Owner

WOW….there is so much that can be said. BG is the hardest working person I know. A person who is very trustworthy, respectful, and kind. A person I love to life.


CEO / Owner

BG is a true professional and knowledge about her business field. She offers gems and resources all new and vet business owners need.


CEO / Owner
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